Our core values are
Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence,
Independent Thinking, and Creativity.

Patricia Smith
founded Yellowbelly Web Design 8 years ago to reverse an alarming trend: the infiltration of the World Wide Web with too many poorly-designed sites! Back then, a typical Web site took months to create because every step had to be hand coded. Pat is thrilled that, with today’s technology, a Web site can take less than 2 weeks to design. She applies her creativity, the latest technology, knowledge gained in attaining her Fine Art/Multimedia degree from Cal State Hayward, and years of design experience to provide the highest quality sites.

Yellowbelly reecently co-authored a new e-book "Business Basics for Building Your Web Site", as well as, hosts a Community Blog to help business owners prepare for their first online presence. For more information visit www.connecttothenet.net.

To learn more about Pat—her informative workshops, extensive community outreach work, and professional affiliations, click here.

Yellowbelly’s Approach

All of our sites are created using solid art and design foundations. The results are both intuitive and visually compelling. To view some of our most recent work, visit our portfolio.

We achieve quality results by taking clients step-by-step through a collaborative design process.

First, we work with the client to determine the ideal site architecture and style to define the client’s online presence. Sometimes, incorporating the color of the client’s office can add the right touch to create a site that stands out visually from the thousands of others on the Internet.

Next, we custom design graphics and a user interface design that conform with the client’s needs and wishes. Together, we review the design and make modifications as needed.

Yellowbelly manages the production process and schedule to
  keep projects on track,
focus on timely publication, and
achieve 100% client approval.

Yellowbelly Web Design’s team of experts includes Cynthia Mackey, a program manager with dot com and Big 6 consulting firm experience. Cynthia keeps projects on time and on budget. Michael Gagnon, our programmer, operates on the forefront of complex Website applications and tools. Joseph Johnson serves as our extraordinary IT specialist, and Jiggy rounds out the group as our enthusiastic office dog and client greeter.

"Our number one goal is to enhance both the user’s experience and the client’s results. At the same time, we really enjoy what we do!”
-- Pat Smith, Owner, Yellowbelly Web Design


Pat  teaches a three-part workshop series, “Connect 2 the Net,” in Concord, California for TEAMS (Transformation through Education and Mutual Support), a non-profit that provides support and education for low income families through Monument For Futures.

Pat also shares her Web design expertise with business owners through the "Connect 2 the Net" workshop series offered by the Small Business Administration in San Francisco and at the East Bay Entrepreneur Center in Oakland.

“My goal is to move people into entrepreneurship. I teach low income workers and families how to start an online business so they can generate an income to support themselves.”
-- Pat Smith

Community Outreach

Volunteer work - Pat volunteers as a community panelist for Bay Area School of Enterprise (BASE), an alternative high school in Alameda operating under Alternatives in Action to provide alternate forms of education. As a panelist, Pat evaluates students’ work to ensure they have met their intellectual and personal goals. Pat also created and built the Alternatives In Action web site.

“It’s wonderful to get up close and personal with the youth at BASE, to listen to their personal struggles and celebrate their intellectual achievements. By participating in their lives, I feel I’m making a difference, a small difference, perhaps, but it counts.”
-- Pat Smith

Community Blog - Pat also currently hosts a community blog—"Connect 2 the Net Web Talk", where you will find useful articles and information for business owners on how to gain and maintain a successful web presence.

Professional Affiliations

Pat is an active, volunteer board member of the East Bay Women’s Network, a business and professional women’s organization that offers networking and business support for its members. She is also an active member in her chapter of BNI (Business Network International).

“Networking is a collaborative and creative process in that each person has something unique to offer to the business community.”
--Pat Smith

  Located: San Francisco Bay Area
  Contact: 415.685.7213 or pat@yellowbellywebdesign.com
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